Chen Taijiquan is characterised by its spiral energy. High level Masters can use this spiral energy to send an opponent flying away with little effort because of their highly developed Chan Si Jing (Silk Reeling energy). This special energy can be developed through practise of the forms and Tui Shou. Xinjia is a form that is particularly good for this. It was developed by Grandmaster Chen Fa Ke and is sometimes referred to as the New Frame form.
Xinjia is quite dynamic with smaller, more intricate spiralling and more Fajing and jumping than Laojia (Old Frame form). Learning this form can bring one’s Taijiquan to another level along with the training of Tui Shou. Most people know Tui Shou as pushing hands, a follow and lead pattern practised by two persons. Tui Shou is essential training to truly develop the whole of the Chen Taijiquan skill.
*Please note: The 7h of April is the arrival day. Teaching begins on the morning of the 8th of April.

April 07 – 10

Deadline for advance payments is 31 March 2016. After this date a £40 late payment fee is applicable.

Please go here for more details or to contact the organiser.

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