Beautiful Performance

Taijifist 7When you watch somebody performing Taijiquan well it looks very beautiful, but it takes a long time and a lot of practice to get to this level. Although the purpose of Taijiquan is not for performance, if you do it well it looks very beautiful because the whole form or movements connect together and flow together as one. It also has a very beautiful rhythm, sometimes the movements are slow, sometimes are fast, sometimes are gentle and sometimes they are powerful.

Beginners need to be patient and need to follow the principles of Taijiquan.

  1. Relax
  2. Good posture
  3. Move from the waist
  4. Upper body light lower body strong
  5. Fajing from the inside.

You also need to watch your teacher and see how he or she does the movements and copy and follow them. You also need to ask many questions to work out how to do the movement well. In the beginning your movements will not be very good, but slowly your body will change and then the movements will look better. Eventually when you reach a good level and know what to do and how to do it well, your movements will also be very beautiful. When you reach very high level everything becomes one and your movements come from the Inside to the outside.

Michael Tse

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