Taiji Addiction

Taijifist 8During Taijiquan 太極拳 practice we should only focus on our movements and think of nothing else. We do not even need to worry about our breathing. We just have to sink our Qi to our Dantian, let everything moves internally and we just breathe through the nose. When we can do this we will feel warm and even sometimes hot. When we finished the form we should not feel out of breath and this is because we have worked with Qi and not just a muscles. When we have practiced more our muscles, bones and power will develop naturally.

When practicing Taijiquan we need to be patient and consistent. If we practice regularly the results are great, even greater than you can imagine. Practice gives us health, philosophy and self-defence. The feeling of practising Taijiquan makes you understand the Qi which flows inside the body and maintains our good health. Particularly traditional Chen style Taijiquan is very addictive. It is good to have a good addiction, especially one that increase our Qi and improve our health.

The more we practice the more we move from the waist, the more we can feel the Chan Si纏絲 – silk reeling spiral, move all over the body and it is such a good feeling. I know many people practising Taijiquan will practice their movements anytime and anywhere, even while they are sitting. They will do movements like Lazily Tying the Cloth 懶紥衣 and Six Sealing and Four Closing六封四閉 , because the movements are so addictive.

Michael Tse

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