Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 pt8

Chen Wang Ting approached the Wood Cutter and politely asked, ” I am looking for somebody who lives in Yu Da Shan 玉帶山(Jade Belt Mountain). I wonder whether you know where he lives?” The Woodcutter looked at Chen Wang Ting with suspicious eyes. “What is his name? And what does he do?”  The woodcutter replied with a cocky attitude. Chen Wang Ting hesitated, he knew that Li Ji Yu 李際遇 was a fugitive like himself and the Ming government would like to capture both of them. Chen Wang Ting said, “I don’t think that you will know this person, I am sorry to bother you.” the woodcutter became a little bit impatient and said with a warning tone in his voice, “My friend we will be nice to anyone who comes to Yu Da Shan to visit friends or family. Anyone who comes to cause harm or take advantage will not be treated so nicely.” He then turned and walked away very quickly carrying is two bundles of wood.

Chen Wang Ting thought to himself that maybe the woodcutter really did not know anything. After a short rest Chen Wang Ting climb back onto his horse and continue looking for another path. After a while he suddenly heard a loud voice calling from up the mountain, “You harm all the citizens. You think you are government officials that actually you are robbers and thieves. How dare you come on your own to Yu Da Shan to investigate? Everyone has heard of Yu Da Shan! No one dares to come close, now you have come, you might not live too long maybe you want a shorter life!”

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