Shísān Gān 十三杆 – 13 Long Pole – Part 6

  1. 拖 Tuō
    Tuō means drag. This is not an attacking technique. This is a retreating technique. For example, if the enemy attacks us and they are too close to us, we may need to pull back the pole, step back or even run away. Then we need to drag the pole but of course, we do not drag it along the ground, instead we hold the pole with two hands and step, this is quicker. Remember, we cannot just run away, we should always turn back to attack after around three steps, when the enemy is not expecting it. Sometimes running away is strategy to trick the enemy and let them think we have lost or given up, then we suddenly attack them back. Used well, this is a very good strategy.
  2. 掛 Guà
    Guà means to hit down vertically. Many styles of Chinese Kung Fu have the technique Guà Chuí 掛捶 – Back Fist. This is a striking hand that comes from the body, inside to out, towards the opponent’s face. In the 13 Long Pole, Guà is the same, but it does not come from inside the body as this would be impossible, so instead, we lift the pole up above our head and then hit down, smashing the pole on the ground as hard as we can. You can imagine what would happen it you hit someone vertically from the top – it would be final! We will use when the opponent has lost and cannot move and then we land the final strike.
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