The Theories of Chén Cháng Xìng 陳長興 – Part 12

If we practise regularly, within three years we can reach a good standard. In six years, we can develop a very strong internal energy and this is internal Qì 氣. The Qì will give us power and make the body light. When the internal Yin and Yang Qì are good, we can be strong and relaxed. With 10 years of practise, we will reach a high level. It is like having a fire inside the body that is so strong and powerful. When we Fā Jìn 發勁 – Release Power, it happens so fast, that is makes the sound of thunder. It is so fast that we do not have time to cover our ears. The power is so fast and powerful that ordinary people will find it very hard to defend. Speed is not just based on the physical body, it is also based on internal Qì. Through practising Tàijíquán 太極拳, we can build the Qì by practising the form. By practising Tuī Shǒu 推手 – Pushing Hands we can develop the energy and use it properly so that it is not too strong and not too weak. Everything inside is balanced, the internal and the external, and our health and fighting skill.

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