The Theories of Chén Cháng Xìng 陳長興 – Part 10

Tàijíquán 太極拳 is one, the every part of body works together with the same goal and this is powerful. When we attack, the strike will be very powerful because every part of the body is supporting the strike allowing us to use all of our power. When we move we move like a dragon and tiger. A dragon and tiger are symbols of power and strength. Throughout Chinese history, all the Emperors of China were dragons, so we can see how powerful the symbol is. A tiger is powerful as well. Whenever a person is attacked by a tiger they will be seriously injured or killed. Tàijíquán attacks like a dragon and tiger – powerful, fast and strong, and so the enemy will be seriously injured or killed. In Tàijíquán fighting, there is a lot of Qínná 擒拿 – Grabbing and Breaking, once we grab the opponent we will defeat them, and when we strike we will break their balance. This is Tàijíquán. However, Tàijíquán also requires stillness and so we must train to stand still like a mountain to make our stance strong. You cannot easily attack a master of Tàijíquán as they have movement and stillness and are strong and powerful.

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