The Theories of Chén Cháng Xìng 陳長興 – Part 9

Moving like water which cannot be stopped is a very beautiful explanation of Tàijíquán 太極拳. If someone attacks us by pulling, pushing or doing something that tries to stop us, the rest of the body will take the force and divert it elsewhere, even better, it can bounce the force back to the opponent, which is a high level. Many people think that Tàijíquán is weak and soft and has no power when actually it is very powerful! When you have a good level, you can take all their force without taking any damage to yourself, and then transfer it back to them. This is a Tàijíquán fighting method, but first, we need to soft and gentle so that we can practise to make everything connected and move together, then when any part of the body leads, the rest will respond properly and give 100% support. If we look at ants, they are so small, but when they work together, they can move things that are much bigger and heavier than them, so they work together perfectly and become one. This is the same as Tàijíquán, the body is one, there is no separation, and this is the meaning of Tàijí.

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