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Grandmaster Tse’s Tàijí Fist 225

Shísān Gān 十三杆 – 13 Long Pole – Part 9 挑 TiāoTiāo means to bring something up with a flick of energy, but in the 13 Long Pole we circle up. This is the opposite of Lán 攔, where we circle from inside to outside. With Tiāo we circle outside to inside. In Tàijíquán 太極拳 […]

Grandmaster Tse’s Tàijí Fist 224

Shísān Gān 十三杆 – 13 Long Pole – Part 8 Dǒu 抖Dǒu means shake. When we are cold, we Fā Dǒu 發抖, Fā is releasing and Dǒu is shaking. With the pole, it means shaking the pole. We do not actually shake the pole, we use Fā Jìn 發勁 – Release Power to make the […]

Grandmaster Tse’s Tàijí Fist 223

Shísān Gān 十三杆 – 13 Long Pole – Part 7 9. Héng 橫Héng means horizontal to across. It is like when we walk across or walk sideways. When we walk across a road we, Héng Guò Mǎ Lù 橫過馬路. The application is to stretch out the pole sideways to block the opponent’s weapon. This means […]

Grandmaster Tse’s Tàijí Fist 222

Shísān Gān 十三杆 – 13 Long Pole – Part 6 拖 TuōTuō means drag. This is not an attacking technique. This is a retreating technique. For example, if the enemy attacks us and they are too close to us, we may need to pull back the pole, step back or even run away. Then we […]

Grandmaster Tse’s Tàijí Fist 221

Shísān Gān 十三杆 – 13 Long Pole – Part 5 5. 披 PīIn martial arts terms, Pī means chop, but in general it means to drape, like you drape a cloth. For the long pole, Pī means to chop down. When we use the long pole, we flick the tip down at an angle, this […]

Grandmaster Tse’s Tàijí Fist 220

Shísān Gān 十三杆 – 13 Long Pole – Part 4 3. 絞 JiǎoJiǎo means use a rope to tie up, like the past when people had their head tied up with rope when they were about to face capital punishment, that was called Jiǎo Xing 絞刑. If we use the long pole to Jiǎo, it […]

Grandmaster Tse’s Tàijí Fist 219

Shísān Gān 十三杆 – 13 Long Pole – Part 3 The 13 Long Pole has 13 techniques: 沾 Zhān, 纏 Chán, 絞 Jiǎo, 攔 Lán, 披 Pī, 崩 Bēng, 拖 Tuō, 掛 Guà, 橫 Héng, 紮 Zā, 抖 Dǒu, 架 Jià and 挑 Tiāo. 沾 ZhānZhān means stick (to something). When the long pole comes […]

Grandmaster Tse’s Tàijí Fist 217

Shísān Gān 十三杆 – 13 Long Pole – Part 1 In Chinese Martial Arts we have many kinds of weapons. The most common are the Jiàn 劍 – Sword, Dāo 刀 – Knife (Broadsword), Gùn 棍 – Staff, Qiāng 枪 – Spear (the spear and a gun is the same in Chinese, perhaps because the […]

Grandmaster Tse’s Tàijí Fist 216

Body Movements – Part 5 As we have seen, in Chén Shì Tàijíquán 陈式太极拳 – Chén Style Tàijíquán we have eight body movements. however, they are not just movements, they are also related to attitude and energy. They are 縱 Zòng, 橫 Héng, 高 Gāo, 低 Dī, 進 Jìn, 退 Tuì, 反 Fǎn and 側 […]