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Master Tse’s Taiji Fist 98

Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷Part 35 Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 and Jiang Fa 蔣發 landed inside the Mu Men Zhai 木門塞, to the surprise of the people inside. Even the leader was surprised but he hid it behind his smile. He came down from the balcony and shook hands with Chen Wang Ting .  The leader then […]

Master Tse’s Taiji Fist 97

Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 Part 34 Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 held hands together and respectfully greeted the old man. Although the old man, who was obviously the leader, had welcomed him, the gate was not open. The old man and his group stood on a high balcony. Above the gate there was a sign written in […]

Master Tse’s Taiji Fist 96

Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 part 36 Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 and Jiang Fa 蔣發continued to Mu Men Zhai 木門塞 in the direction the merchant had pointed. After a few hours a big compound came in to view.  It was very large, almost like a small city. It was surrounded by a high wall and the […]

Master Tse’s Taiji Fist 95

Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 part 35 The waiter came over and served them some very delicious dishes. All these dishes had been ordered ahead of time. Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 signalled Jiang Fa 蔣發 with a knowing look to tell him to be careful. Jiang Fa nodded slightly in response. The three men then enjoyed […]

Master  Tse’s Taiji Fist 94

Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 Part 34 The next day Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 and Jiang Fa 蔣發 set out for Shandong Mu Men Zhai 山東木門塞. Chen Wang Ting rode his favourite red horse whilst Jiang Fa walked. Jiang Fa preferred walking as his Qing Gong( Light Gong)輕功 was very good, also he thought his Sifu, Chen Wang Ting, […]

Master Tse’s Taiji Fist 93

Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 – Part 30 Jiang Fa 蔣發 saw Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷jump up and disappear through the skylight in the barn roof. He went outside and was surprised to see Chen Wang Ting already outside the door! He was impressed by Chen Wang Ting’s Qing (Light) Gong 輕功. Jiang Fa could also […]

Master Tse’s Taiji Fist 92

Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷- Part 29 Being a farmer, Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 owned a really strong buffalo which was very good for working in the fields. Whenever the buffalo wasn’t being used he was kept in a locked barn in order to keep him safe and stop him getting lost. One day Jiang Fa蔣發 […]

Master Tse’s Taiji Fist 91

Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 – Part 28 Although Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 seemed to be unprepared, he had not expected that Jiang Fa蔣發 would attack him. When someone has a very high level of Kung Fu their sixth sense is very alert. It is always in the back of their head and they can sense […]

Master Tse’s Taiji Fist 90

Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 – Part 27 Jiang Fa 蔣發 thought his running and jumping  Qing Gong (Light Gong) 輕功 skill was very good, but since staying the Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷, he now saw that Chen Wang Ting was even better and thought that even Li Ji Yu 李際遇 did not have that level […]

Master Tse’s Taiji Fist 89

Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 – Part 26 From then on Jiang Fa 蔣發 stayed with Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷. Whenever they met anyone, Chen Wang Ting told them that Jiang Fa worked for him and so people called him Jiang Ba Shi 蔣把式, Ba Shi 把式 is a very trusted and dependable employee. After a […]