The Theories of Chén Cháng Xìng 陳長興 – Part 7

In Tàijíquán太極拳, everything is connected, from inside to outside, from the top to the bottom and the bottom to the top, and from the waist to every part of the body. One moves every part moves all as one unit. One stops everything part of the body stops. This means the perfect Tàijíquán cannot be broken by force, cannot be crushed and separated. It is like when someone pushes us, we will change their energy and make it go a different direction. It is like punching into water. We can punch into it, but we cannot break through and though we can reach in we cannot break it. It is the same with Tàijíquán. It cannot be separated because everything works together to absorb the force, to yield and divert it to another area, even back towards the opponent, so their energy plus our energy bounces them back. The high level of Tàijíquán looks like nothing, gentle, but with power underneath. Also because everything moves together it is good for our health

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