Calm down, stand straight and mind focused on the movements心靜身正,以意運動

taijifist-17Chen Xin陳鑫 says in his book, “Calm down, stand straight and mind focused on the movements.” This is very clear instruction for anybody practising Taijiquan, we need to calm our minds and stand a very proper and straight position. This means our Baihui百會 and Huiyin會陰 points form a vertical line with the floor. When we start to perform the form, our mind should be alert and focused on the movements, then the Qi will flow properly without interruption.

Taijiquan practice should be internal and so our mind and body should be all together, to do this we focus on the movements and then all other thoughts will disappear and then we can relax our minds. Eventually all our movements and mind will become one. It will become one Taiji, one peaceful mind and so it is very important to relax. After many years we will start to get the benefits and understand the meaning of Taiji.

Michael Tse

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