Spiralling Movement Help Smooth the Channels纒繞運動,舒暢經絡

taijifist-19Chen Xin陳鑫 said, “Spiralling movements help smooth the channels.”

We all know that Taijiquan is good for our health, one reason, particularly in Chen Style Taijiquan, is Chan Si Jing纏絲勁, which makes the movements spiral all over the body beginning from the Dantian丹田. Over a thousand years ago Chinese people discovered that there are a lot of channels and acupuncture points all of the body, and we still use this knowledge today. When the points are open and the Qi flows smoothly in the channels we are healthy. Spiralling from the Dantian, through the whole body, to our arms and legs, firstly makes us more flexible and secondly helps the Qi flow along the channels.

When we can move from inside to outside, this means we can move internally. To this we need to relax which is why Taijiquan must be relaxed. The more relaxed we are, the more strongly the Qi can flow along the channels and so the healthier we are.  When we are ill, then by practising we can smooth our channels more easily. The more Qi we have the stronger our immune system is and so we can fight illness and diseases by ourselves without the side effects of taking too much medicine. So by practising Taijiquan we should be healthier.

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