Level IV Taijiquan 四陰六陽類好手 pt3

If we are at Level IV we are doing very well. The forms we practice is flow, though we still find some movements slightly uncomfortable and some difficult movements do not flow as we would like. However practising the forms is following the principles of relaxation, good posture, moving from the waist and or power is good enough for attacking an opponent. Or movement from the waist spirals to every part of the body, from the waist to the upper body, to the shoulders, the elbows, the palms and finally the fingertips. The spiral also flows down to the lower parts, from the waist, to the knees, to the ankles and even to the toes. Every part of the body is spiralling and connected. The legs become stronger and thicker and inside the bones are stronger and so we are more rooted. The muscles are rounder and the more we practise the stronger our Qi becomes. The Qi flows from the Dantian to every part of the body, the hands feel fuller, the skin has more colour, even the hair and fingernails grow quicker. The spirit in the face and eyes are stronger as we are healthier. This is how the body changes. The internal body changes which affects the external body. Now other people can see you are different in a positive way.

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