Level V Taijiquan 唯有五陰並五陽 pt2

From one Yin and nine Yang, to 5 Yin and 5 Yang. Can we reach this level?  I will not say that no one can do this, but it is very rare.  To be able to use gentle energy against someone who is stronger than us and in a stylish way is very rare.  Once in a while a high level Taiji master can do this, but I do not see anyone who can do this all the time.  It is a bit like watching a Bruce Lee movie where he defeat all of his opponents in an amazing way and often with just one hit but even in his movies it is not like this all of the time,  especially during the fight at the end.  How can we use less energy, control and defeat our opponents in a very stylish manner?  I have seen my Sīfú 師父, Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang 陳小旺 do this and I have even done it myself sometimes, but not all the time.  So we need to practice a lot until we reach 5 Yin and 5 Yang which also means 50% Yin and 50% Yang. This means if we can push 100lbs we can also withdraw 100lbs.  Pushing someone if they do not move is easy however, to yield and withdraw from somebody pushing us is difficult and diverting the energy back to them is a high level


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