Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 Pt3

Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 was born at the end of the Ming Dynasty and at that time the government had become very corrupt.

On one occasion, Chen Wang Ting took part in the imperial examination for martial arts.  One of the exams was for archery. Chen Wang Ting was required to ride a horse and shoot 3 targets and he was allowed nine shots in total. Chen Wang Ting rode towards targets and shot 9 times.  He hit the centre of each target 3 times in the same spot! it meant three arrow tails stuck out of the centre of each target like a bird’s nest! Every target was exactly the same! Everybody was very impressed with Chen Wang Ting’s archery, but the judge was corrupt and he told the Drummer to only beat his drum three times. Each beat of the drum counted as one hit and so instead of nine hits Chen Wang Ting only scored three hit, which meant that Chen Wang Ting failed the exam!

Chen Wang Ting was very angry and knowing the Drummer was corrupt, he picked up his sword and killed him! He then quickly escaped the examination field!


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