Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 part 43

The punch was so fast! But Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 was a high level Kung Fu master and had been expecting the attack. He stepped back to avoid it, but a second punch was already travelling quickly towards him, he moved back slightly and so had just avoided two punches, but the third punch was now coming and with more power than the first two! Whenever someone launches two attacks and misses, then they will put full power into the third. It is a bit like gambling, if you have lost twice you will try and win everything back on third go. The third punch was coming at Chen Wang Ting, but this time he did not step back! He opened his right hand and using his Peng Jing 掤勁 – Expanding Energy, his right forearm met the old man’s forearm and diverted his punch towards the floor! The old man was not expecting that and he had to step forwards to stop himself falling. However, the energy in Chen Wang Ting’s forearm had instantly disappeared and so the old man had to hold his own balance and could not use Chen Wang Ting’s strength to lean on, there was nothing there and so he stumbled! Then Chen Wang Ting pushed the old man’s body with his left hand!

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