Shùn and Nì Chán Sī Jìn 順與逆纏絲勁 – Part 7

After we have done the Shùn Chán Sī Jìn 順纏絲勁 sideways, we now need to do the Nì Chán Sī Jìn 逆纏絲勁 sideways. The stance is exactly the same as the Shùn Chán Sī Jìn – a medium horse stance, two shoulder widths apart.

Begin facing the front with the palms facing down in front of the Dantian. Being to turn to the right side (turning from the waist and not moving the stance), the hands separate outwards with the palms facing out, the right arm behind and the left arm at the front. Each arms forms a circle. After stretching out to the front and back, begin to turn to the front and circle the arms up and in towards the face. The right leg with twist outwards and the left leg will twist inwards. As the hands come up to the face they turn so the palms are facing down. Let the hands pass down the body towards the Dantian with the elbows open and begin to turn to the left side. Let the hands circle out again, but this time the right hand is at the front and the left hand is at the back, the left leg twists outwards and the right leg twists inwards. Then both hands will circle up and in as the body begins to turn to the front. The hands then pass down past the face and drop towards the Dantian, like before. We can then repeat the turning and circling as many times as we like.

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