Dì Gōng 地功 Part 3

Whenever I practise Tuī Shǒu 推手 – Pushing Hands with my students I can hold the position, like my Sīfu 師父, Chén Xiǎo Wàng 陳小旺, one leg in front of the other (particularly in stationary Tuī Shǒu). Whatever the do, I am able to move around and move my arms to push, pull or use Qínná 擒拿 – Locking. If the student wants to push me or try to make me lose my balance they find it very hard and this is all because of Dì Gōng 地功 and I am able to hold my position. Even the very strongest students cannot move me. This is Dì Gōng, which is very similar to Gūng Lihk 功力 in Wing Chun. Being grounded and Horse Stance training is part of most traditional Chinese Kung Fu. This will not only make our stance strong, but it is also good for making our kicking very strong and powerful. Then our kicks can be very powerful and even break bones. From a health point of view training will create a strong circulation of Qi, strengthen the internal organs and then the bones will become bigger and stronger. Daily practise of Tàijíquán 太极拳 and Zhàn Zhuāng 站樁 will help you develop your Dì Gōng

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