Chén Wáng Tíng’s Poem 陳王廷太極拳經總歌 Part 5

Chén Wáng Tíng’s Poem 陳王廷太極拳經總歌says, “Double kicks to the face, sweep from below – kicking the side of the head is very powerful 二換掃壓掛麵腳,左右邊簪莊跟腿.” When we attack using kicks, we can kick high and then sweep low, this is very effective. Any kind of kick is powerful. We can kick in many different ways and this makes us even more powerful and so our enemy will not expect us to kick high and then sweep low. Kicking both sides of the head is very powerful. Anyone who is struck by these double kicks will be seriously injured and the fight will be over. In Tàijíquán 太極拳 there are a lot of ways to kick and also many double kicking techniques.

The poem goes on to say, “Intercept the front and block the back – the enemy has no way out 截前壓後無縫鎖.” Whenever we are attacking our enemy who is in front of us, we must always consider that they might step back. In fact, we must expect this is and we should turn the enemy around cover them so that they cannot step back. We can also move behind them or attack them so that there is no way out, such as backing them into a wall or something else that prevents them from walking backwards. We must always think about what the enemy might do when we attack and cover all possible situations.

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