Internal and External Three Closing 內外三合 – Part 2

The next Closing is Qì Yǔ Lì Hé 氣與力合 -Qì and Strength Closing. Qì 氣 is the energy that flows inside our body. When we do something like pushing, pulling or Fā Jìn 發勁 our strength will come along with our Qì. For this reason we always say a person has Qì. Qì and strength are always together and so that person will be healthy. If a person’s Qì is strong then they will have good strength. We cannot be unhealthy and have good strength, Qì and Strength are together.

Another Closing is Jīn Yǔ Gǔ Hé 筋與骨合 – Tendons and Bones Closing. The tendons and bones are related. Whenever we use power the tendons and bones must work together, we cannot just use the tendons and we cannot just use the bones. It is the same when we are moving, the tendons and bones must move along together. This is particularly true with we Fā Jìn, they must got together. So we do not just train the tendons and muscles, we must train the bones. When the bones are strong, the tendons and muscles will be strong. This are the Nèi Sān Hé 內三合 – Internal Three Closing

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