Tuī Shǒu 推手Training Part 2

In Dìng Bù Dān Tuī Shǒu 定步單推手 – Single Hand Stationary Pushing Hands, when we have finished with our right hand and right foot forwards turning, backwards and opening, which was then practise on the other side, so that the left-hand and the left leg is forwards. This is exactly the same as we do before on the right side. The left foot should be forwards and left hands touch together. Dìng Bù Dān Tuī Shǒu is basically two movements, one attacking this is Tuī 推 and one defending which Xiè 卸. If our opponent pushes us we will yield the energy to the point where it would affect our centre of gravity and then we divert it by turning the waist and then we push them. Then they will yield that energy as we did before and also turn to divert as before. This practise allows us to feel our opponent’s energy and their body. Taijiquan concentrates on the centre of gravity, we need to be stable and we want to break our opponents centre of gravity. In the beginning we use our right hand against our opponents right-hand, and then change over so that my left hand is against their left hand. Later on you can change it so that the right hand is against the left hand, and the left-hand is against the right-hand. In the beginning with practice so that we become familiar with the two techniques of Tuī and Xiè, and once we are familiar with them we can try to push each other over with any technique with one hand in contact and remaining stationary.

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