Tuī Shǒu 推手Training Part 4

Once we are in the correct position for Dìng Bù Shuāng Tuī Shǒu 定步雙推手 – Double Hand Stationary Pushing Hands, we need to perform four movements, and in each movement one partner attacks on the other defends.

First, Partner 1 pulls the Partner 2’s hand and attempts to break their arm using their other forearm, this Lǚ 履. Partner 2 will use their free hand and place it on their upper arm to resist the breaking  the pulling. This means the arm being pulled must be relaxed and bent, this is Jǐ 擠.

Partner 2 will drop their front hand down and circle underneath Partner 1’s elbow and the inside arm will form a circle in front of their chest. This protects the posture from being pushed, this is Péng . When Partner 1 finds they cannot pull or break Partner 2’s arm, they will change to push the arm instead by putting both palms on Partner 2’s forearm, which is front of their chest. This is Àn 按.

We then repeat the movements and the four techniques Lǚ, Jǐ, Péng and Àn. In this way it becomes one attack and one defence, which repeats again and again. Then we can change direction and also change the stance.

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