Shísān Gān 十三杆 – 13 Long Pole – Part 4

Lán 攔

3. 絞 Jiǎo
Jiǎo means use a rope to tie up, like the past when people had their head tied up with rope when they were about to face capital punishment, that was called Jiǎo Xing 絞刑. If we use the long pole to Jiǎo, it means that we use force to hold on and circle it up. The circle will be small and forceful, and we can only use the tip of the pole. Sometimes, we will not circle just use force to hold that position against the enemy’s weapon, but generally, Jiǎo is in circle where we use force.

4. 攔 Lán
Lán means block. For Lán, the pole is like a spear. In the past, we could a spearhead of the long pole, and so this technique is the same as spear technique Lán 攔, Ná 拿, Zhā紮. It is the same as the spear’s Lán, which circle out from the body. We cannot simply say clockwise or anticlockwise, as it depends on whether we are holding the pole on the left or the right side of the body. This circle is for blocking the opponent’s attack. We circle the pole outwards to block their weapon, most of the time this will use a pole or spear, and then we can use Zhā 紮 – shoot, to strike them.

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