Wu Yu Xiang’s Taiji Poem武禹襄拳經

taiji-fist-1“Energy of movement is like Chou Si. Preparing the energy in like pulling a bow. Releasing the energy is like shooting the arrow運勁如抽絲,蓄勁如張弓,發勁如放箭.” Wu Yu Xiang’s Taiji poem is correct. Whether we describe the circular energy in Taiji as Chou Si 抽絲or Chan Si纏絲, it is the same thing. We develop this energy when we practise our Taiji forms. This energy is called Jing勁. Each movement moves from the Dantian and are continuous and connected to each other to become one big movement. Although there are pauses they are short, shorter than other martial art forms. Taiji forms teach us how to use the whole body properly and follow the Taiji principle. There are fast, slow, opening, closing, rising, falling, hard and soft movements. Any and all movements can have power, we relax, prepare, slow a little and then when we are in the right position and the timing is right we release the power – Fajing發勁.

The more we practise the form the more we will understand how to move the body in the Taiji way. Lower positions help us develop power and then when do the Fajing which will be powerful. Practising Tui Shou helps us understand positioning, timing, energy and balance.

Michael Tse

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