Turn Softness to be Strength and make Softness and Strength work together運柔成剛,剛柔相濟

RTEmagicC_Chen_Res2016-102On the Centre’s 2016 polo shirt I wrote, “Make soft and hard work together剛柔相濟.” This comes from Taijiquan, but is originally from the Yijing易經. Chen Xin陳鑫 also said, “Turn softness into strength and make softness and strength work together.”

Taijiquan has two energies – Yin and Yang陰陽 which work together, so soft and hard work together when we practise Taijiquan. We should move slowly and gently maintaining our relaxation all the time.

When we have practised for a long time in a gentle way we become very familiar with the movements and so begin to do them a little quicker, even using some strength in the form. This is turning softness into strength. In the form we still need to be soft, but at certain times we can use more power and even Fajing發勁. This is one perfect Taiji太極, it has soft and hard together. Hard supports the soft and soft supports the hard. They work together and become one. This is perfect Taiji and makes everything perfectly balanced.

Michael Tse

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