Slow in the Beginning, Fast Later, then Fast Returns to Slow先慢後快,快而復慢.


Chen Xin陳鑫 said, “Slow in the beginning, fast later, then fast returns to slow.”

This is about how we practise Taijiquan. We should practise slowly first so we can go through all the detail and learn how to move the body as a whole and not as individual parts, and then we will become more comfortable with the movements. It is very hard to make the movements perfect in the beginning. When we become comfortable and familiar with the movements and then we can practise a little bit faster. Then eventually your movements will be fast but also still be clear and flow smoothly.  We should remember not to allow our movements to become messy, then the power and speed will develop naturally. Eventually we can do it quickly and not become tired.

Then we can go back to practising slowly. However this time the movements will be internal and every movement will affect the whole body, everything will move together. Power will be set up and develop as you move slowly. This slow movement is an advanced level and not the same as a beginner’s slow movement. When we are in this level we can move slowly, quickly, high position, low position, up and down etc. all naturally. This is “One Taiji”.

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