Hard & Soft Are All Gone, Everything Comes From Your Heart剛柔俱泯,—片神行


Taijifist-26Chen Xin陳鑫 wrote, “Hard and soft are all gone, everything comes from your heart.” When we practise our Taijiquan, in the beginning we pay a lot of attention to clear detail and proper positions. The more we do it then we do not need to pay so much attention to these details as in the end your body will tell you whether you are right or wrong. all the Yang energy can be Yin and all the Yin energy can change to Yang. It is not fixed, it all depends on the right situation. Our body will tell when we are right or wrong, but only when we have developed the sense of our internal body. Then internal and external all become one, it is Taiji太極. Then when things happen your heart will tell you what to do.

This is more obvious in Tui Shou推手. Whenever you touch an opponent you will know what to do, you well know how to control their energy to make them lose their balance. If they use strength, then you can divert it and use it back against them. Their heart will tell you everything and what you should do. This level is beyond just doing the form. Practising Taijiquan can raise you to a high level of human being.

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