Cultivate the Original Qi, Practise Regularly培養本元,勤學苦練


Chen Xin陳鑫 said in his book, “Cultivate the Original Qi, practise regularly.”

When you study Chinese Medicine and Qi, you will know that the Original Qi is inside our body. The more Qi we cultivate the stronger our Original Qi becomes. This Original Qi maintains our life and so someone who always feels good, looks good and is in condition, must have strong Original Qi. Becoming like this is not just about eating, sleeping and exercising well it is about our Qi. To develop Qi we need internal practice such as practising Taijiquan. practising Taijiquan should give us longevity and if we do it correctly it is very similar to Qigong, but it is very different to sports such as gymnastics, running, etc. as these are external training.

For this reason many people like to practise Taiji for good health first and for fighting second.  However you need both as they are Yin and Yang. For good health you also need to be strong, then you can defend yourself. To be a good fighter you also need to be healthy, and then you will live longer.

Taijiquan needs regular practice. You need to think and listen to your Sifu and seniors instruction and advice. Then you can reach a high level and live longer.

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