Jing and Standing

The more we practise Chen Style Taijiquan the more Chan Si纏絲 movements we will practise. Each movement whether it is in a long form or short form, Laojia老架, Xinjia新架, Pao Chui砲捶, 19 Movements十九勢etc. are all based on Chan Si Movements. When we practise a lot, for example 10 forms every day, after six months then our movements will follow the Chan Si more.

When we practise a lot of Zhan Zhuang站椿 or low postures then our Chan Si movements become Chan Si Jing纏絲勁. Jing is power which can be controlled in all directions and speeds, so it can be fast and it can be slow. It is like a powerful engine in a car that can fast and slow and can turn in different directions and even stop.

A good powerful Nei Gong 內功 is also able to hold a position so when someone tries to push us we will not lose our balance. My Sifu, Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang陳小旺, always demonstrates his standing power. He can withstand more than 15 people pushing him on one side. To be able to hold that strength we say, “A thousand Gin sinking.” This is Taijiquan Nei Gong – standing position power.

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