Nei Gong內功 for Chan Si Jing 纏絲勁

Master Fung would also ask us to lock him in many ways. Once I locked his neck and shoulders by hooking both his arms from behind and interlocking my fingers behind his neck. He asked me, “Are you ready?” I replied that I was. He then moved his right shoulder up and his left shoulder down,, his right hip moved to the right and his left hip sunk down and then he stepped forward with his left leg. I started to lose my balance and my grip with my fingers weakened, he then twisted his waist and I was lying on the ground in front of him! It was so quick and so powerful and I could not understand how it worked.

Now I look back, it was Chan Si Jing 纏絲勁. We can use it in many fighting and also locking situations, but we need internal power- Nei Gong內功 without it all the Chan Si Jing skills will not work.

We need Nei Gong. Taijiquan Nei Gong is based on Zhan Zhuang站椿. Now I understand why my Sifu, Chen Xaio Wang陳小旺, stands for a long time, he can easily stand for two hours. This is Nei Gong. Without Nei Gong, Chan Si Jing is just weak movement.

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