How to Practice Taijiquan 太極拳

If we practice a lot of Zhan Zhuang站椿  we will develop a very grounded skill and it feels like the legs are going into the ground. This however is not simply the legs getting stronger. This is to do with the Bone Qi developing and connecting with the whole body, the entire skeleton.  In this way the strength connects to every bone in the body and then from the bones it can connects to the muscle and the skin.

When we are training we want the bones to be strong, we do not concentrate on the muscle as the muscles will automatically become strong when the bones are strong. In fact we want the muscles to relax so that we can feel our opponent’s strength. When the muscles relax then the skin will relax and become gentle and soft. In this way we will have better sensitivity. This is a good Taijiquan skill.

So the more Zhan Zhuang we practice the stronger our bones will become. The forms teach us to use the Taijiquan太極拳 movement and develop the fighting skill and because we relax we also become healthy.  When we know how to practice Taijiquan correctly then one day we will become a master.


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