Chen WangTing 陳王廷 – Part 24

Having recognised Jiang Fa 蔣發, Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 took him home, gave him new clothes to wear and food to eat and let him settle. Once Jiang Fa had rested awhile and recovered he started to explain what had happened to Chen Wang Ting.

“Brother Wang Ting, you know that the Ming Government was always trying to defeat us on Yu Dai Shan 玉帶山. But our fortress had plenty of protection from the forest and the high mountain, and it was covered by many secret paths to many different areas. These allowed us to secretly move around and attack the soldiers coming up the mountain. The Ming managed to corrupt one of our people and he told them of all our secret paths and areas. He also gave them all the details of our fortress and told them at what times we were weakest. He helped them and opened the gate and the soldiers attacked while we were sleeping. Many brothers were killed and our leader Li Ji Yu 李際遇 was captured and escorted back to Beijing. He was executed and his body was laid out in Beijing so that people could see that the rebellion was over. It was forbidden for anyone to take his body away, however it was eventually stolen and Li Ji Yu’s body was buried.”

“When Yu Dai Shan was attacked I fought as hard as I could, but there were so many Ming soldiers. I had a chance to escape and went as fast as I could. Then I learnt that our leader had been captured and so I went to Beijing to try and rescue him, but there were so many soldiers guarding him! I fought them but I was shot by arrow, captured and tortured!” Jiang Fa showed Chen Wang Ting the injured all over his body. Chen Wang Ting felt so guilty and blamed himself for not being there to help them!




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