Chen Wang Ting – Part 23

Chen Wang Ting and Jiang Fa 蔣發 immediately recognised each other. Jiang Fa said, “Brother Wang Ting (they treated each other as brothers having followed rebel leader Li Ji Yu 李際遇 ), it has been hard to get here and find you!” Chen Wang Ting told all his students to stop fighting and that he knew who this person was. Chen Wang Ting also knew  that these young men were not actually good enough to fight with Jiang Fa. Chen Wang Ting looked over Jiang Fa and could see that he was in a very bad state. He really looked like a beggar and also had some injuries. He took Jiang Fa to his home where he gave him some food and tea and told him to relax and settle. Chen Wang Ting asked Jiang Fa, “What happened to you? I thought you were dead! It is so good to see you!” He held Jiang Fa’s hand as he was so happy to see him. It was like it family reunion. Jiang Fa firmly held onto Chen Wang Ting’s hand and started to cry. Jiang Fa then said, “Our leader Li Ji Yu died! He was killed by the government!” With tears in his eyes, Chen Wang Ting told Jiang Fa that he knew, but asked, “What really happened at Yu Da Shan 玉帶山?”  Then more tears came from Jiang Fa’s eyes .

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