Shùn and Nì Chán Sī Jìn 順與逆纏絲勁 Part 3

When we want to develop the Shùn and Nì Nì Chán Sī Jìn 順與逆纏絲勁 we can practise our forms, like Laojia and Xinjia, but we can also practise individually. To begin with, for the first exercise, we need to make a good position. Stand in a wide stance, with the feet about two shoulder widths apart. This is a medium horse stance and the same as the width as Single Whip and Lazily Tie the Cloth, however now the weight is 50/50 (not 60/40). So the weight is equal on both legs and the toes of the feet point outwards slightly. Now place both hands in front of the Dantian 丹田 with the palms facing down. Slowly raise the hands up the Rèn Mài 任脉 along the centre of the body and allow the palms to turn outwards. When the hands reach throat height, separate the palms so that they circle outwards to form a big circle. When they reach shoulder level, the palms turn inwards and the hands circle down and back to the original position. Then repeat the outwards circle again. This is Shùn Nì Chán Sī Jìn. Every time we raise the hands up the front of the body, the body rises a little bit and we breathe in. Then, as the hands drop, the body sinks down a little and we breathe out. The body, hands and breathing should be synchronised. This is a Shùn Chán Sī Jìn movement.

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