Shùn and Nì Chán Sī Jìn 順與逆纏絲勁 – Part 5

The third exercise in the Shùn and Nì Chán Sī Jìn 順與逆纏絲勁 is a Shùn Chán Sī Jìn順纏絲勁.

Again make a wide, medium horse stance and rest the hands rest at Dantian with both palms facing dowm. Begin to turn, from the waist, to the right and raise the right hand up from the Dantian up along the Ren Mai. The right hand is moving up in a Shùn Chán Sī circle. When the body is turned to the right side and the right hand is head height, start to turn to the left and lift the left hand up from the right up as a circle in Shun Chan Si, like the right hand did. At the same time, continue to circle the right hand down to waist height. When the body is turned to the left side, the right hand is at waist height the left hand will be at head height. Continue turning the circling the hands so that the two Shùn Chán Sī circles are moving separately, but are coordinated together, one goes up while the other goes down.

Keep the weight in the centre, do not shift side to side. As the waist turns, it will make the knees turn – as you turn to the right, the right knee will turn outwards, the left leg will turn inwards, and as you turn left, the left knee will turn outwards and the right knee will turn inwards. So we do not just move the upper body, the rest of the body moves as well.

The fourth exercise is the same only the hands move in the Nì Chán Sī Jìn, so both hands move inwards, but as before one moves up and the other moves down.

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