Shùn and Nì Chán Sī Jìn 順與逆纏絲勁 – Part 17 Turn Waist 轉腰 – Nì and Shùn Chán Sī Jìn Opening and Closing 逆順開合

Stand in a medium horse stance, with the feet two shoulder widths apart, back straight, hands resting in front of the Dāntián 丹田. Turn the body to the right, the right hand makes a Nì Chán Sī Jìn 逆纏絲勁 circle and the left hand makes a Shùn Chán Sī Jìn 順纏絲勁 circle. The right hand circles down and back behind and then begins to come up and reaches head height, at the same time the left hand circles up, past the face, to the front and then back down to the bottom. Both hands continue their circle and then the right hand will cross over the left hand in front the of the Middle Dāntián 中丹田.

Begin to turn to the left, the right hand will change to Shùn Chán Sī Jìn and the left hand changes to Nì Chán Sī Jìn. The right hand comes up past the face to the front and the left hand down to the back. They continue to circle until they cross over again in front of the Middle Dāntián, but this time the left hand is over the right hand. Then turn back to the right and repeat the movements again.

The two hands form a figure of eight. On the right-hand side, the right hand is Nì Chán Sī Jìn and the left hand is Shùn Chán Sī Jìn. When they cross over in front of the Middle Dāntián, the right hand is on top. On the left side the right hand is Shùn Chán Sī Jìn and the left hand is Nì Chán Sī Jìn and when they cross over the let hand is over the right. Then you can repeat over and over again, as many times as you like.

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