Pào Chuí 砲捶 – Part 4

Pào Chuí 砲捶 is powerful and fast, like running and having more power to be able to jump and leap over things. So if we are running fast and there is a low wall in front of us, we can jump over it, or like Jackie Chan in many of his movies where he is running towards a wall and has the power to run up to onto a corner of the wall. If we do not have the power, we will not be able to climb up the wall. Instead, we have to stop in front of it, breathing heavily to catch our breath.

Pào Chuí trains us to have more power so that we are not just walking and running, but we are also jumping and leaping. In Pào Chuí creates extra power in eight different ways.

These are Cuàn 竄, Bèng 蹦,Tiào 跳,Yuè 躍,Téng 騰,Nuó 挪,Shǎn 閃, Zhàn 戰.

Cuàn 竄 is like a rat that moves everywhere quickly, it runs across the floor, into corners, under things into hole etc. It runs around everywhere fleeing, leaping and escaping to that its enemies cannot catch it. So we need to be like this, we need to move very quickly in many different ways.

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