Pào Chuí 砲捶 – Part 5

Bèng 蹦 means bouncing up from the floor or the ground, or jumping up all of a sudden. It is like Double Jumping Kicks 踢二起 in Lǎojià Yīlù 老架—路 where we jump up from a low position. Bèng is powerful and is used when attacking, since jumping up or bouncing will give our attack more power.

Tiào 跳 also means to jump, but this time it is jumping up or jumping across. Without good Nèi Gōng 內功 and good Dì Gōng 地功, which develops our stances power, we cannot jump high or far. If we are good enough and we can Tiào, then we can jump at our enemy and they will be taken by surprise as they will not expect that we can jump that far or that high. This is Qīng Gōng 輕功 – Light Gong, just like in the story of Chén Wáng Tíng 陳王廷, when he could dodge all the arrows that were being shot at him. This required powerful jumping skill and strong Nèi Gōng – Internal Power.

Yuè 躍 again means to jump up, however, this time it is like jumping up when we are very happy. When we are so happy and jump up into the air, the power comes from inside the body, from the Dāntián where the Qì pushes us to jump, and so we jump from the Dantian. This happens when our Dantian is particularly strong and it is like a spring which bounces us up. This is all based on having powerful Qì.

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