Breathing – Part 5

Hù xīn quán 護心拳 – Protecting Heart Fist

In movements like:

Yǎn Shǒu Gōng Chuí 掩手肱捶 – Conceal and Strike

Yòu Cā Jiǎo 右擦脚- Brush right leg

Zuǒ Cā Jiǎo 左擦脚 – Brush Left leg

Zuǒ Dēng Yī Gēn 左蹬—根 – Left Side Kick

Yòu Dēng Yī Gēn 右蹬—根 – Right Side Kick

Dāng Tóu Pào 當頭炮 – Cannon Right Over the Head

Hù xīn quán 護心拳 – Protecting Heart Fist

We Fā Jìn 發勁 and so we will make the Hēng 哼 and Hā 哈 sounds. The Hēng 哼 you can barely hear and it is created as we breathe in through the nose – never breathe through the mouth. This sound is created by breathing deeply and so we might not even notice it. When we Fā Jìn, the Hā sound is very loud and strong. Every time my Sīfú 師父, Chén Xiǎo Wàng 陳小旺 does Fā Jìn, and especially during Conceal and Strike, his Hā is very loud. You can see the power in his punch and also in his body movement. However, to begin with we should train the gentle Fā Jìn before we use full power.

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