Breathing – Part 5

There is another sound which connected to when we do Fā Jìn 發勁 and this is Hāi 咳. We make this sound when we Fā Jìn downwards and it is created when we breathe out. Whenever we Fā Jìn we must breathe out whether we make a sound or not. The more power we use the more likely we will make a sound. For example in Shén Xiān Yī Bǎ Zhuā 神仙—把抓 – Immortal One Catch, when we punch down we can use Fā Jìn and make a Hāi sound. In Zhǐ Dǎng Chuí 指擋捶 – Punch Low, we also punch down, and so we can Fā Jìn as we punch and make the Hāi sound.

So we have two sounds when we Fā Jìn, Hā 哈 and Hāi. So how do we know we are making the right sound? Actually they are not necessary in Hā and Hāi sound and even Hēng 哼 sound, they are just very close similar. It makes us realise there is a slight difference when we are breathing in and breathing out and so there is a slight difference in the sound. Everyone one of us will make a slightly different sound, because our throats, our bodies, our physical build and out language is different. All these things can make the sound slightly different.

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