Breathing – Part 6

Hā 哈 when you breathe out

Which sound is correct when we are practising our form, when we are breathing in preparing to Fā Jìn 發勁 and when we are breathing out whilst we Fā Jìn, Hēng 哼 is very quiet, so whether we make a sound or not does not matter. The obvious sounds are Hā 哈 and Hāi 咳, but these are actually the same. The sound is based on your breathing, on the power and the way you exert yourself.  So there are really only two different sounds Hēng and Hā. Hēng when you breathe in and Hā when you breathe out. As long as our breathing relates to our Dāntián丹田, then our breathing and the sound we make will be correct. It is not about the sound, what is important is that we breathe with our Dāntián. We need to breathe with our Dāntián when we use power, as we breathe in and breathe out. Hēng is very quiet, and I would say that there is no really obvious sound. Only Hā has a clear sound. This sound must come from the Dāntián, and then our power will be strong. So in the end, there is only one sound which comes from power from the Dāntián.

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