Qī Jì Guāng 戚繼光– Part 11

  1. Zhōng Sì Píng 中四平 – Blocking to Get Inside (same as Pao Chui 回頭井欄直入 Turn Around Straight to the Well)
  2. Fú Hǔ Shi 伏虎势 – Ghost Leg Gets in Quickly (same as 跌岔 Fall Down and Split)
  3. Gāo Sì Píng 高四平 – Finger Lower Position (same as 指襠捶 Punch Low)
  4. Dào Chā Shì 倒插势 – Beast Head Position Like a Shield Pushes Forwards (same a 抱頭推山 Holding the Head, Pushing the Mountain)
  5. Jǐng Lán 井栏 – Hold the Centre to Balance All Actually it can push them Away (same as 六封四閉 Six Sealing and Four Closing)
  6. Guǐ Cù Jiǎo 鬼蹴脚 – Defeat the Tiger Position (same as 神仙—把抓 Immortal One Catch and Xinjia 雀地龍Punch the Ground)
  7. Zhǐ Dāng Shì 指当势- Hold the Position to Balance, So We Can Move Left and Right (this can be 六封四閉 Six Sealing and Four Closing)
  8. Shòu Tóu Shì 兽头势 Walk Back and Do Not Fight Back (same as 倒卷肱 Step Back with Whirling Arms)
  9. Shén Quán 神拳 – Spiritual Fist Hits Low (same as 指襠捶 Punch Low)
  10. Yī Tiáo Biān 一条鞭 – Whip Opens to Chop (same as 野馬分鬃 Wild Horse Parts Mane)

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