Yīn and Yáng Fist – Part 5

Actually, there are no Nèi Jiā Quán 內家拳 – Internal Fist or Wài Jiā Quán 外家拳 – External Fist. This is because any traditional Chinese Kung Fu must have both internal and external training and they all practise relaxation, posture and move from the waist (which mean to move from the Dāntián 丹田, which is an internal principle). At the end, they require the whole body to connects, and the strength comes from the inside, that is internal training. As soon as we focus on training the internal body, then we will develop the Jīng 精 – Sexual Energy,Qì 氣 – Vital Energy and Shén 神 – Spiritual Energy. Every time we punch, kick or perform an technique or application, it must come from the internal body and move to the external body, from the inside out to the fist or foot, etc. All movements, whether they are punching, kicking or any other technique will also train the bone, muscle and skin. This is training the internal and external together. When people see Kung Fu that looks more external, it will look more like Shàolín Quán 少林拳 – Shàolín Fist. Internal Kung Fu looks more like Taijiquan 太極拳,Xing Yi Quan 形意拳 or Bagua Zhang 八卦掌. But in the end, if we train any style well, we will cover both internal and external training.

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