Staying in One Position a Long Time

The more time I spent with Mr Fung the more heard and learnt about Chen Taijiquan. He talked about its founder Chen Wangting陳王庭,陳發科 and his disciple Jiangfa蔣發, to Chen Xin陳鑫 and Chen Fake陳發科. This made me realise that Chen was the oldest style of Taijiquan and had a very long history, as one generation passed it down to the next generation. Grandmaster Chen Fake was the 17th generation.

When Mr Fung was in a good mood he would demonstrate some of the postures and movements of Chen Taijiquan to me, and this was usually when there were only one our two of our police colleagues around. Mr Fung also had a few students and sometimes we would all come together to talk or practise some Kung Fu.

Mr Fung said that positions like, Jingang Pounds the Mortor金剛搗礁 and Lazily Tying the Clothes 懶紥衣were very difficult and took a long time to get right, but you could not progress on to the next movement until you got it right. Some movements were indeed very hard to get right and sometimes we had to stand in for a very long time. In the summer the sweat would pour out of us and our shirts would be completely soaked, even our sweat would drip down to the floor, the floor  would become wet. This was very hard Taijiquan training.




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