Chan Si Gong 纏絲勁 Breaks Bones and Tendons

Mr Fung spoke about Chan Si Gong and said, “When we practice Taijiquan, all our movements must come from our waist, and this also meant the Dantian. Each movement spirals from the Dantian to every part of the body. In the upper body it come from the Dantian to the back, to the shoulders, arms, wrists and finally all the way to the fingers. This means that the fingers have the power of the body. For the lower body, it spirals from the Dantian down the legs, moving through the hips, the knees, the ankles to the soles of the feet. Every part of the body can spiral and it trains us to spiral all the joints so that they all connect together. Once a finger touches our opponent, we can spiral into their body, like a piece of string. Then we find their centre of gravity and make them lose their balance. However this is the gentle way. If we use power we can break their bones and tendons. It is a very powerful skill.”

At that time I only knew about Kung Fu which involved punching and kicking to break bones and injure opponents. Breaking bones and tendons by using the Chan Si Gong spiral energy was a completely new concept for me and I was very excited by it.

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