Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷  pt7

Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 followed the voice singing the song until he came to a Wood Cutter, carrying a big bundle of wood tied to a stick across his shoulders.

He was surprised when the man simply glanced at him, carried on walking and continued singing his song. Chen Wang Ting’s appearance was very striking. He was very tall, had a red complexion and a long beard and he looks like the famous hero General Guan Yu 關羽from the Three Kingdoms Period 三國時代 because of this everyone who saw him would stop and stare. So to simply glance at him and then continue on his way was very unusual behaviour.

Suddenly the man began to run very fast even though he was carrying a heavy bundle of sticks. Chen Wang Ting was surprised he could run so fast with such a heavy load, but this meant the man had very good Kung Fu skill! Chen Wang Ting, riding his horse, chased after him, but the man continued to run very fast. Raising up his internal Qi, Chen Wang Ting called out in a very loud voice, “Stop! I want to ask you a question!” The man stopped running and turned back. This was the first time Chen Wang Ting had got closer to him. The wood cutter said, “Who are you?”


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