Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷  pt10

Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 was sitting on his big horse and carrying his Guan Dao (this weapons made famous by General Guan Yu關羽, during the Three Kingdoms Period三國時代. It has a big blade at one end of a long pole spike at the other end.) As Jiang Fa’s 蔣發 sword chopped down towards him, Chen Wang Ting raised up his Guan Dao to block it. At the same time the other bandits ran past and started chopping at his horses legs! Chen Wang Ting kicked his horse forwards to avoid the attacking blades, but Jiang Fa followed and was the first to catch him! He moved very fast and it was obvious his Light Gong輕功Qing Gong (a skill which allows a person to run very fast, jump very high, walk very lightly and make the body lighter)  was very high level, he must also had a high level of Kung Fu. Jiang Fa swung his sword, but once again Chen Wang Ting blocked it. Jiang Fa’s sword skill was fast and he attacked repeatedly, high and low, moving incredibly quickly. Chen Wang Ting had been training with his favourite weapon, the Guan Dao, for over twenty years.  His Guan Dao was very heavy and ordinary people could barely lift it up. Chen Wang Ting however, played it like it was a simple stick (we can only imagine how strong and powerful his arms were). Chen Wang Ting did not want to hurt Jiang Fa as he has come to this place to join Li Ji Yu 李際遇 and he suspected that these people were Li Ji Yu people. However there were many of them, or trying to attack him, Chen Wang Ting thought to himself, “ I cannot keep going like this!” so he increased his power and not down all the weapons as they came to attack him.


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