Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷- Part 16

Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 could not believe it! how could Li Ji Yu 李際遇  have been killed?  He was such a good leader! He knew him and trusted him! What should he do now? Chen Wang Ting continued to ask the merchant how Li Ji Yu had died. The Merchant said, “ The Ming Government 明朝 sent many people to pretend to join the rebels. Eventually these spies knew where Li Ji Yu was hiding and how he protected his headquarters. They sent this information to the government who then sent an army to attack and those people spying inside helped them from within the camp. Eventually they captured Li Ji Yu and executed him! At the same time many other rebels were able to escape.  Whilst Li Ji Yu was being executed he continually scolded the Ming Government. After they had killed him they hung his corpse on the city gate and warned the people not to try to take his body and try to bury it. However, after a few days is corpse was stolen! I believe someone stole it in order to bury him.  Whoever that person was must have respected him a lot to risk such a dangerous act!”

As Chen Wang Ting listened to the story, tears welled up in his eyes. He did not know what to do.  So he slowly went back to his Village and there he told everybody the terrible news. When he went back to his home he grew sick and lay in bed and could not do anything.


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