Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷- Part 29

Being a farmer, Chen Wang Ting 陳王廷 owned a really strong buffalo which was very good for working in the fields. Whenever the buffalo wasn’t being used he was kept in a locked barn in order to keep him safe and stop him getting lost.

One day Jiang Fa蔣發 went to get the buffalo as he needed him to work in the fields, but when he unlocked and opened the door he found the barn was empty! He went around the farm to check that no one had already taken the buffalo out, but it was nowhere to be found. He called for Chen Wang Ting to come out to the barn so he could tell him what had happened. When Chen Wang Ting came and inspected the barn he could see that it was locked and that there was no trace of the buffalo. It must have been stolen! Jiang Fa thought that the  thief must have stolen the buffalo and then locked the door again, but on further investigation they found a note stuck to the wall which said, “ my home is at Shandong Mu Men Zhai 山東木門寨 (Shandong Province Wooden Door Village), I borrowed your buffalo. If you are too afraid to come and get him back then you are nobody, but if you are somebody who dares to come then you will be my friend.”

It was obvious now that the buffalo had been stolen, but how? Nobody knew the answer. Suddenly Chen Wang Ting picked up a huge, heavy bucket, which was used for feeding the buffalo and jumped up through the skylight in the roof! He then carried it across the roof and jump back down in front of the barn door!

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