Qī Jì Guāng 戚繼光 – Part 3

The next Wǔ Jǔ 武舉 – Imperial Miliary Exam that Qī Jìguāng 戚繼光 took was in Běijīng 北京 , and this was the final one. Unfortunately Qī Jìguāng failed. However, at that time, the Mongolians were invading China from the north and Běijīng was in danger. Qī Jìguāng was called up to help defend the capital and so he drew up a military plan, which he presented to the Emperor. His plan had the support of many generals and officials. It was decided to use Qī Jìguāng plan and at the end, the Mongolians were defeated and retreated, and so they did not get close to the capital.

In 1556, at the age of 26, Qī Jìguāng was promoted to the commander of Shāndōng Shěng 山東省 -Shāndōng Province and he was given the job of protecting the Shāndōng coastline from the Wōkòu 倭寇 – Japanese Pirates. In that time the attacks by the Wōkòu were very serious and they raided the coastline of East China attacking, Shāndōng, Xījiāng 淅江, Níng Bō寧波, Shào Xīng紹興,Tái Zhōu台州 and Qián Táng Jiāng 錢塘江 – Qián Táng River area. Qī Jìguāng was sent to protect these areas and destroy the Wōkòu. He served under the Commander of Tái Zhōu, Tán Lún 譚綸 to train the military forces.

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